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To provide financial assistance to Texas organizations working to prevent animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect.

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Our vision and hope is to eliminate animal cruelty in our communities and to help all animals live without mistreatment and harm.

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Image by Xuan Nguyen
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Value Statements

Paw and Order: F.A.C.T. will assist other organizations involved in animal rescue, support animal welfare education programs, and aid organizations that fight animal cruelty through legislation.


Paw and Order’s board members will organize fundraising events for the benefit of Texas organizations in the animal welfare/advocacy sector.

The Paw and Order F.A.C.T. Board will vote to determine how the money raised will be distributed.


Paw and Order’s fundraising efforts will be efficient and effective. To that end, the Board will strive to adhere to the long-held rule of thumb among nonprofits that the cost of fundraising events should not exceed 30% of net proceeds.

Meet Our Board

We are a group of talented driven Animal Lovers who want to help save as many Texas animals as possible, with hopes to one day have an end to animal abuse.